Studio f/11

A straightforward photographic studio in Exeter

Studio spaces in a substantial urban detached house available for casual hire by professional and amateur photographers and models for selected shoots pending building works on the building.

Floorplan shown small.  Click for large.

Events in Studio f/11 (Exeter)


Coming events in 2018 details to follow or enquire

March: private bookings and personal work. Slots also available.


Space + lights + gadgets + people + coffee: pictures.
General photography services are available. Yes, of course we'd like to photograph you or your family, but probably not your wedding, just now.


We have 4 separate shooting rooms plus kitchen and office, and stairs and a couple of other usable spaces. --> Detail of spaces

Light and Lights

In summer we make use of window light, in winter we are predominantly a flash studio but have some interesting continuous lighting. --> Details of lighting


We maintain as much reticence on this as our clients do. Want your name in lights? Come and shine our lights on it.

Printing and Images

We do print, but often suggest supplying files and/or sending them out for printing --> more ...

Model Register

Pending: ask for advice or names if you need. --> Some models who know us

Models' changing room. The changing room is warm, comfortable and adequately equipped. It is comfortable for a make-up artist to work in on one or two models.

Area suitable for waiting or instruction.
Coffee and tea making
Air-conditioner for one studio

Picture taken in the studio

Some images created in or around the studio

Image from Studio F/11 Image from Studio F/11 Image from Studio F/11 Image from Studio F/11 Image from Studio F/11 Image from Studio F/11 Image from Studio F/11