Studio f/11

A straightforward studio in Exeter

Studio space in a substantial urban detached house available for casual hire by professional and amateur photographers and models for selected shoots pending conversion of the building.

We are predominantly a flash studio at the moment.
The sun also shines interestingly into us from time to time.
A huge continuous ringlight and an LED light-stick are available.

Lots of Bowens lights, plenty of modifiers, some gadgets

Big beauty dish (70cm); long (160x40cm) strip-softbox and short strip-softbox; softboxes; big Octobox (a large parabolic umbrella with a diffuser), snoots; gels; umbrellas; Triflector (a useful setup for bright evenly lit portraits or beauty shots.)
We also have a Fresnel attachment, focused spot attachment and studio ring-flash by special arrangement to qualified or instructed users.
We have reflectors, a bunch of SpeedLites and some continuous lighting.

When the sun shines where:
in short, we have a few splashes of nice sunlight mostly from lunchtime on to teatime, are not a natural light studio, but can point you at one.