Studio f/11: Models


There are various pitfalls in giving you lists of models. We are not an agency, this is merely a list of models who know where we are and from whom you might possibly and at your discretion choose someone suitable to interview or engage. There are many other models, see PurplePort and other networking sites.


A few bits of advice to models or would-be models

The rule is no touch. You are at liberty to break it, the photographer is not. Yes, of course we will clip something, pin something, pull something tight or tie or untie something. After you ask, or after we ask and you say yes please.
And you may have your hand shaken on arrival or departure. And, by all means, if inclined, hug, but that is up to you.
See also How not to be a creepy photographer

No. Is a complete answer to a question. Amplify if you like.

Read this article by Jen Brook (and take a look at her cat Walter's Wardrobe, if you are interested in high fashion modelling. These events are remarkable.

Useful basics

Government Careers advice on fashion modelling (I'm not sure they have one on glamour or specifically photographic modelling)
Avoiding frauds and scams

"Legitimate model agencies will never ask you for money. If an agency does ask for a fee when you sign up with them or even at a later stage, you should be alarmed as it is not common practice for legitimate modelling agencies.
There will be occasions, once you have been taken on by an agent, when you will need test photography to enhance your portfolio.
These are rarely expensive, not much more than a couple of hundred pounds." From above link.
(Apparently agencies which are also theatrical casting agencies have slightly different rules. They may well also be very good, but that is a question of whether you want to be an actor.)

Purpleport is an effective portfolio sharing and networking site based in the UK with some spread worldwide.
It requires you to be over 16 to join, and over 18 for many categories of modelling or photography.
You need not have anything to do with it, but it contains useful resources such as this essay on starting out

There are social events for photographers, studio owners, models, MUAs and others in various places. The Exeter one is on the first Thursday of each month, and currently at the Samuel Jones pub down on the Quay. It provides an opportunity to network and treated as work may be useful. If you enjoy it then it will be even more worthwhile.