Studio f/11: Spaces

studio floorplan, click for larger

Upstairs, 9 is the main studio, 8 is the model room.
Downstairs, 4 is as you can see the Alcove Room, and the Long Room is 3 + 2 and the un-numbered space with if desired a stance in 6.

The main studio room (upstairs)

Seamless paper backdrops at one end of the main studio.  Current ones are 2.08 metres across Seamless paper, laminate floor and dish on wall boom in the main studio Posing box, 3107 chair, nice rug and blue gauze over black paper over red wall at the other end of the main studio, with lighting equipment

Main Rooms Downstairs:

  • The blue room is tall and has a water-resistant floor. It has a painted white corner. A large paddling pool is available.
  • Sunshine illuminates a wall in the Model Changing Room in some afternoons and may be useful for a set.
  • In spring to autumn you'd find the mews lane outside and our big white wall useful and a walk around the neighbourhood offers several useful spots.
  • And the kitchen has a floorboarded section, now extending to the corner and window.

    a patch of textured floorboards possibly from 1850 awaiting a rub-down and some paint